My given name is Douglas John Gill II. I was named after my father around the time I was born in February of 1981. I spent most of my childhood in rural area of northwest Ohio just west of Toledo, and some time of my pre-teens years in Indiana. I got fairly decent grades in high school, enjoying and excelling in subjects like History and Science. I also spent a lot of time picking up computer related skills during my high school days. I enjoyed working with computers but was unsure of what I would eventually do for a living. I began college in 1999 with no real focus, but taking various classes and working a bunch of odd jobs. I married my first wife in 2003 and we would come to have three amazing kids.

I wasn’t the greatest provider and I was certainly lost in regards to my responsibilities as a new husband and father. It wasn’t until I joined the United States Army in 2005 that I had started to ‘shape up’ and enjoy a job well enough to provide for my family. I was trained as a line-of-sight (LOS) radio operator (25Q), part of the US Army signal corps. Though they are antiquated, these systems are still used for sending traffic from one local node to another, however they’re no longer a primary transmission means. There are other more current systems being utilized for transmission such as direct fiber and geosynchronous satellite earth terminals (STT).

When I got to my unit (B Co. Sig Det 45th STB 45th SBDE) in Hawaii, I was assigned to a Joint Network Node (JNN) team. This Army system is a ‘server closet’ shelter filled with routers, switches, firewalls, call managers and encryption devices, that’s been mounted to the back of a HUMVEE.

During the next three years, which included a 1 year deployment to Iraq followed by a 1 year deployment to Afghanistan, I became familiar with Cisco systems, networking (25F/25N) and a firmer understanding of satellite communications (25S).

After I stepped off of Active Duty and into inactive reserves I began working as a contractor for U.S. Army CECOM at Fort Hood Texas. I was hired as an instructor for the systems I worked on while serving on AD. I taught basic networking while using Cisco products, how to quickly set up and tear down the equipment and also how to troubleshoot any problems that arose. I also started to master theory of satellite communications and began training soldiers on these systems. I spent a year drilling with a reserve unit out of Fort Knox in 2012.

It was during this time with CECOM that I separated from my first wife. I had become like Augustine, living a life of drunkenness and debauchery. I had many issues that plagued me from my time spent in the military and constant travel put strain on my marriage. I eventually turned into an adulterous husband, one undeserving of a happy marriage. We’ve since made amends, but the divorce was a difficult time for everyone involved. All because of my selfishness in a sin filled lifestyle.

While living by myself I began to develop a relationship with a woman living across the street. She was young and beautiful, and quickly garnered my constant attention. Though a bit of an age gap, we shared some common interests. We had many conversations, one of which she had revealed to me that she was a Christian. I, of course, rejected her belief system but that didn’t keep me from wanting to get to know her better. Unbeknownst to me, this woman had begun to lead me to Christ.

I did not grow up in a Christian home and I had many doubts about world religions. I was angry with a Creator I knew nothing about for the bad things that happened in my life. Yet because I really really wanted to get to know this young woman better I began to ask her questions about her beliefs. Eventually we began discussing the reasons that had kept me in my unbelief and through her words, and her sharing Scripture, the Lord began to lift the veil and soften my heart. Something had clicked and I began to see things differently. I had the desire to learn more about God and the things He wanted to teach me. I blazed through the Bible in a year, and quickly picked up on the overall story of God and His creation. I burned with such a zeal, on fire for the Lord, I lost a lot of friends and became estranged with family that first year.

Since then I strive to know Christ and make Him known. I have long held the desire to enter the ministry, something I pray I might be able to do someday. The young woman who brought me to Christ married me in 2012, we have four beautiful children of our own.

I consider myself to be a Reformed Christian who believes that God created all things, and from Adam’s disobedience came the fall of mankind. All are cursed as a result of his disobedience (Original Sin), and born enemies of God. God the Father, having ordained all that has and shall come to pass, had begotten the means by which freedom from the curse and reconciliation could be obtained in the sacrifice of a perfect offering, His son Jesus Christ. Jesus, both God and man, through His death redeemed us by taking our sin as His and His perfect righteousness in life imputed upon us, deeming us justified before God. Those who are His, at the preordained moment in time, have had (will have) the inclination of their heart changed (regeneration) by the work of the Holy Spirit, resulting in saving faith and through a cooperative venture become sanctified.

I have been accepted to Reformation Bible College since 2017, and Lord willing I’ll start my Biblical education soon. After which I hope to attend a Reformed seminary and see where the Lord leads me from there.

I currently work as a software developer in Memphis, TN but am seeking IT work new Sanford/Orlando Florida.

Hobbies: Biking. Hiking. Reading Theology. Discussing theology. Gaming.