This morning I felt like I needed to write. I haven’t written in some time and there are a few things that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I need to get better at writing more consistently, but I have a hard time determining what to write about. I wasn’t exactly sure which topics I wanted to write about today, but I think that I’ve got it narrowed down to a few key topics.

Abortion has been a really hot topic these past few days since NY passed a law granting easier access for someone to murder their unborn child. Many are celebrating the law as ensuring women’s rights and freedoms in ‘reproductive health’, but in all actuality it’s granting individual’s license to kill babies.

When I think about how someone could really be ok with this I consider what my world view was like before coming to Christ. My opinion on abortion at that time would have been if it wasn’t my child or didn’t directly affect me then I didn’t care what a woman had decided concerning her baby. So while I would have been against it for my own child at least in most cases, I was more pro-choice overall because I felt as a man is wasn’t my place to decide such things.

However, since I’ve grown in Christ I am absolutely against the abortion of babies, regardless of the situation. Even the special cases, that are extremely rare, would have to be considered individually with termination of the pregnancy being an absolute last resort. But these rare cases are not the reasons that people are celebrating the law passed in NY.

These people want the freedom of sexual promiscuity without having to deal with the consequences. At the core this is entirely selfish and they have been granted the freedom to physically express their hatred for their unborn child. To me they are no different than the person who recorded themselves beating and suffocating a crying baby, which many rightly cried out in anger for the person’s head. As Christians we understand what drives selfish, self-centered, prideful, hateful attitudes towards babies, children, and other people.

Another hot subject that has been going on for some time now is the topics that encompass racism. Jemar Tisby released a book recently that talks about the many failures the church has demonstrated over years regarding people of color. While it is good to understand these failures, how we learn from them and move on is just as important. Many, including Tisby, are calling for solutions that are unbiblical and are attempting to prop up false narratives in order to justify them. Some of these narratives include a redefinition of racism and the ideas of a perpetual/systemic white supremacism.

Racism has been redefined as prejudice plus power, and only the dominant culture fits this definition. In the United States roughly 3/4 of the population is white or European descent. I’m not certain how this narrative fits other countries but in the U.S., according to this new definition, only whites can be racists. This notion plus the facts regarding how African Americans have been treated since they were introduced into this country through slavery, it’s easy to want to believe it is true. From a Christian standpoint, this is simply not the case.

Recently there was an incident in the DC area where a group of high school students were attacked by a group of men that are part of a religious cult known as the Black Hebrew Israelites. These individuals, while claiming a form of Christianity, are known for their hatred of white people. While waiting for their school bus the older men shouted all kinds of hateful, bigoted, and prejudice things at these younger men. They called them ‘incest babies’ and asked when they were going to shoot up their next school. Clearly this demonstrates that being part of the non-dominant culture doesn’t exempt one from being a racist.

Racism, just like the desire to kill ones child, is a result of selfish, self-centered, prideful, hateful attitudes towards others. With racism it has nothing to do with position or status, but rather it is a reflection of one’s heart about a particular people. Christians who target specific individuals based on their skin color in such a manner are in sin and they must repent and stop treating others this way. Christians who witness individuals treating other people in such a manner should intervene and those involved need to repent and forgive. People who can demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that methods and practices of an organization or groups which treat individuals in such a manner should expose them.

Racism and abortion are expressions of a sinful people. It’s the thinking and the acting of one so selfish and so self absorbed that they’ll tear down a person or tear apart a baby without batting an eye. These individuals need Christ, they need a change of heart, they need humility. Pray for these and pray for those who struggle with other sins. Pray for the victims of these sins from the abused to the murdered. Pray for the world!