We’ve arrived at the time of year where most Protestants dunk on the Roman Catholics for their celebration of the Lenten season. Lent is a yearly event where Christians are mandated to make up for all the bad they did (especially on Fat Tuesday) by praying more, fasting, giving up idols, etc. In other words, things a Christian should be doing year round and on their own terms, privately. It’s a form of narcissistic piety in my opinion but Lent is not necessarily the focus of my thread, social justice is.

Almost daily there are long arduous threads being posted by well-known and influential Christians on the conversation of race, which are purposefully and intentionally bashing on certain groups, mostly reformed conservative white males (and those they call ‘white on the inside’). They will go into detail about America’s dark past, import that into a current narrative, and use their life experiences and others as the validation points for the existence of absolute white supremacy and the unknowing or intentional racism of every white person in America. This is the common themes of tribalism found in both the social justice and the Hebrew Israelite movement.

Those who haven’t met a certain level of “anti-whiteness piety” are condemned by these Christian leaders such as Dr. Bradley, Dr. Mason, etc. Those that do not toe the line in agreement, are measured by their standards of what marks a true Christian. Like the Roman Catholic church mandating her followers with burdens of piety, the social justice warrior demands proof of ones fruit of anti-whiteness and good works; mainly citing the caring of the poor, the weak, or anyone classified as a victim by way of intersectionality. They heap piles upon piles of guilt and burden on their brothers, and condemn those who aren’t “pious” enough. Like the Pharisees of old, they’ll determine how one will best fulfill the law of “anti-whiteness.” Their blind hatred for all things ‘white’, thus mimicking the world, continues to embolden their speech where they utter total obscenities which further divides the American church as they crucify all on the ‘wrong side’ of their narrative.

We live in a precarious time when the world seems to be growing increasingly secular and the Enemy is sewing strife among the Body. Very few solid Christians are standing up to these men, out of fear or apathy. Pray that God will work on the hearts of those on all sides of these issues so that understanding and peace may come. Pray for the Church, and those who persecute it.